Terms and Conditions Scope:

(a) These General Terms and Conditions apply to all our services, whether indirect or indirect. By accessing our website, as well as booking the services of Camping Holiday Fun Camping, you agree to the applicable terms and conditions and at the same time confirm that you have also read and understood them carefully. Have.

(b) The Campsite Holiday-Fun is the sole owner of these pages including the content of the pages and the owner of the associated online campsite reservation service. The property of Camping Holiday-Fun-Camping may not be copied and used commercially.


(a) The booking will be accepted via the Camping Holiday-Fun platform or by e-mail. This requires that the data you provide is complete and correct.

(b) The booked pitches may not be relocated and/or resold. In particular, the transfer of parking quotas to third parties at higher prices is strictly prohibited. In the event of an infringement, the service provider (campsite operator) reserves the right to exclude the respective customer from all services immediately and permanently. In this case, the service provider also has the authority to cancel the booking and the customer is obliged in this case to compensate for any damage caused to the service provider in connection with the transaction.

Reservation type:

As a rule, a reservation is maintained by the service provider until 18:00. In case of no-show travel up to the agreed time, the service provider is entitled to cancel the reservation free of charge. Thereafter, thereis no longer any entitlement to accommodation.

Contract and payment:

(a) Each reservation is made directly between you and the service provider, Camping Holiday_Fun. Obligations and entitlements arising from the accommodation contract concluded between you and the service provider (campsite operator) or other contract, exist directly and exclusively between you and the service provider (campsite operator). The parking price must be paid directly by you on site at the booked service provider. The payment methods of Camping Holiday-Fun always apply.

(b) The parking space reservation is made at the time of booking and is valid from the time the booking confirmation is received via e-mail. In particular, in the event of incorrect entry from the e-mail address, the effectiveness of the booking remains unaffected.

Changes and cancellations:

(a) Any changes and cancellations requested should be made directly with Camping Holiday-Fun. The timely receipt of your notification is decisive for the timeliness of the change or cancellation

(b) The respective costs of cancellation can be found in the respective cancellation and booking conditions of the service provider. With the exception of a few exceptions, a timely cancellation is possible. In case of cancellation in the last week prior to arrival, 75% of the total amount will be charged. For no show, late arrival or early departure, we charge the full booked package price.

(c) In order to avoid abusive behaviour on the part of customers towards the free reservation system, Camping Holiday-Fun reserves the right to cancel a reservation on a case-by-case basis if a request is made using the contact details you provide should not be possible, or the service provider refuses to book due to frequent cancellations and changes in the past. In such a case, there is no entitlement to accommodation

Compliance with the camping regulations:

The relevant camping regulations form an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions. It hangs out at the campsite or is available for download on our website https://www.camping-burgenland.at. In case of violations of the camping regulations on the part of the camping guest, the camping guest can be expelled from the campsite operator of the place. In this case, the camping guest is not entitled to repay any payments made. In this case, the campsite operator reserves the right to claim damages.


The campsite operator is not liable for damages caused by the failure or disruption of the water or electricity supply, as well as as a result of noise nuisances by third parties. Furthermore, the campsite operator shall not be liable for damages caused by the use of the facilities or equipment located on the campsite in the event of slightly negligent breaches of duty. decommissioned or decommissioned installations, equipment and arrangements. This also applies in the case of slightly negligent breaches of duty by the legal representatives or vicarious agents of the campsite operator.

Prices for pitches and services:

(a) Unless otherwise stated in the booking conditions, all prices per pitch and per night apply. Additional charges may be charged by the campsite operator for the use of wireless internet, electricity, water and sanitary facilities at the campsite.

(b) The booked pitch prices are always guaranteed for each reservation by the campsite operator.